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Tender Kiss

Mary with her lover finally met and of course they eager to express their feelings to each other everywhere and every second. But others do not like such behavior. So love the couple will have to be modest in their kisses. Your task in the game is to extend them kissing and to protect it from prying eyes nascent great feeling.
In game three rounds, each of which becomes much more complicated. If you will overcome all three levels of obstacles, will be the Saviour of loving hearts. Each level has a timer: if the time has expired, then the game is lost. The duration of the kiss is fixed on a special scale. When there will be enough hearts, and the scale limits are reached, the level will be passed. To make a mistake in the game impossible. If at least one observer will notice kiss tour is lost.
That love threatens serious untrained eye, you can learn with the help of special flashing icons that appear on the playing field. When you see this sign, stop kissing. When the threat retreat, again click the mouse on Mary and her boyfriend – they will continue their kisses.
If not go out to win in the first try, do not despair. In the game you can try again to complete all levels. Importantly ignore their mistakes and not repeat them in new attempts. The only way you will be close to victory.


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