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Spiderman Kissing

Spider-Man is one of the well known heroes who in between of the global missions tries to tune up his personal life. Like any decent guy, he is passionately in love with a single lady who once and forever has captivated his heart. However, due to high load of problems they see each other really rare. Spiderman is always somewhere out saving the planet from evil. But sometimes he pays attention to his beloved and they enjoy the romantic flight over skyscrapers. But still evil watches Spiderman and enemies always try to distract lovers from their passionate kisses.
The story we would like to tell you is about that romantic flight. You are able to extend the moments of happiness of two loving hearts. As long as they fly over the city, you should protect them from the enemy attacks. As soon as you see the magic warning sign, stop hero kiss, so the enemy couldn’t notice Spiderman. This sign denotes that danger is pretty colse so you should take it into consideration. If some evil enemy sees Spiderman kissing, he directs the rays of evil to the sweet couple, and the young couple won’t be able to survive.
If a kiss will be unnoticed, the enemy disappears. Duration of a kiss is shown on a special scale at the top of the screen. If you avoid the attacks of your enemies and collect full scale of kisses while keep within the allotted time, you are going to win as well as the loving couple.


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