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Polly Pocket Outfit

Polly Pocket is one of the loveliest dolls on the internet was originally created in Germany and after lots of children liked the doll it became famous in Europe and in America. Now it is possible to buy Polly Pocket doll all around the world.
Original doll was less than one inch, but later it was redesigned became as big as we all know it now. Doll has lots of fashionable dresses and lots of modern looking fashion accessories. So when children play Polly Pocket they usually meet a difficulty while picking up the right outfit along with accessories.
You can also find Polly Pocket series, sites and games, which bring lots of fun to children. Polly Pocket series also won a number of awards, early episodes showed the adventures of Polly and her friends together for their pets the Cutants, mixtures of animals with objects. Recent series show Polly and her friend’s adventures in fictional town Pollyville. Poly has friends Shani, Lea, Lila, Crissy, Kerstie, Rick, Todd by name who take part in Pily’s adventures and together live the best day ever.
Polly Pocket likes to change her outfit and alway try to look fashionable, so when children pay attention to that fact they usually learn how they should wear their clothing and how they should look like to be fashionable.


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