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Kissing Cure

On the Valentine’s Day two loving doctors bad luck rather than to go to a restaurant and a stroll through the streets of the beloved city holding hands, they are forced to spend the night shift at the hospital. But that their feelings do not become weaker . They still want to kiss endlessly . Well, that urgent patients did not have change . However, one cranky baby requires constant attention, and keep harmful head nurse oversees the work of the young. More serious and scrupulous forever medic did not leave lovers alone : always goes past them and enforces decorum . Three of these eyes better not get caught !
Help two lovers kissing in the game to enjoy each other and it does not annoy or toddler or a nurse or nurse . Until they are all busy with their chores, just click and the young doctor , and he will be able to kiss his beloved. As soon as you see a red exclamation mark next to the baby , nurse or orderly passing , all the kisses stopped immediately . They will be back as soon as bystanders again distracted by their own affairs .
If lovers caught the eye of a stranger more than three times , the game will be lost and will have to start anew. In three rounds of progressively more complex task : first, fear will only need a baby nurse then added , and the third level will be treacherous nurse.


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