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Fish Pizza Cook

Pizza is a great treat that practically everyone in the world enjoys. The Italian dish can come in many different variations, but there are some people who like fish on their pizza. Although this sounds very odd, to them, it’s really delicious and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Many order fish pizza when they go to a restaurant or a pizza place, but you can make fish pizza at home if you’d like.
Fish pizza can be made using any type of fish that you like, however, many enjoy it with anchovies. This dish is actually quite common in Italy and can be delicious if you’re open to trying new things. To cook fish pizza, all you need is dough, tomato sauce and any other ingredients you want on your pizza, as well as a can of anchovies. You just place all the ingredients on top of the pizza though, place tomato sauce and cheese and then add the different toppings that you want. Finally add the anchovies from the can and then bake in the oven for a set amount of time.
But you can also add other types of fish, including tuna and shrimp. If you do tuna, you can use it from a can and just add it to your sauce mix or right on top of the pizza with fresh tomatoes and a mozzarella provolone cheese mix. Or you can add shrimp with a pesto cream sauce and lots of vegetables. It’s really up to you since it’s your pizza and your taste buds!


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