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Baby Care Rush

Newborns are more vulnerable than older babies to germs so taking care of them is very much difficult for first time parents but if they learn how to work out then it should be not so difficult. Parents are expected to know how to feed, bathe, clothe, play with, and generally care for their baby – but babies don’t come with instructions so it’s up to you how you do all. Handling a Newborn includes following points:
Wash your hands and then pick them with great care, supporting baby’s neck
Changing baby’s diaper
Bathing baby
Dressing up the baby
Feeding and burping baby
Cleaning the umbilical cord
Swaddling the baby
As newborn stomachs are so tiny, they need to eat small amounts – about 1 to 3 ounces – frequently. Some babies announce their hunger with strong cries, others will give more subtle cues such as sucking on their hands, smacking their lips, or rooting, which is when a baby purses her lips and turns her head toward the breast or bottle. You will find that Newborns are sleepy, so you may need to wake your baby up to feed and make her to stay awake while eating. Some newborns need to be burped frequently; others burp on their own and need very little assistance. If your baby is fussy or uncomfortable during or after a feeding, that’s a cue to burp her. Don’t be panic by hiccups or spit-up. Hiccups are normal for new babies and don’t cause them discomfort. Likewise, spitting up during and after feedings, in small amounts is pretty normal.


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